Reduce the risk and stress of your commercial property investment.

We’re experienced in managing commercial properties across a range of industries, including retail, office, business space, industrial and leisure.

No two assets, clients or tenants are the same—that’s why we offer tailored property management solutions to meet your unique needs, throughout the property lifecycle and across all asset classes.

Tailored Property Management Solutions

The property market is varied. What works for office space will not work for retail or industrial space. As a commercial property investor, you need a property management team that can meet the needs of you, your asset, and your tenants throughout the lease. 

Forest Real Estate have the know-how to maximise capital values and yields through lease management and regular maintenance and refurbishment. 

Partnering with us provides you with support in the following areas::

Rent Collection


We manage rent collection on behalf of our clients. Our rent collection process includes processing statements and paying rent directly into your bank account. In the event of late rent payments, we have a transparent and effective process in place including liaison service, late payment fees, and eviction proceedings.
Service Charges


As commercial property managers, our role is to make things more efficient. One of the ways we do this is to provide a service charge account for our clients. All property maintenance and facilities management services are charged to your account to be reconciled at the end of year. Tasks get actioned immediately instead of waiting for financial transfers to clear.

Lease Renewals


The team are perfectly positioned to advise on commercial lease terms. We can help you create and negotiate a favourable lease agreement that protects your asset. Our team offer strategic advice with comprehensive market value reports, negotiation services, and dispute resolution services.
Rent Renewals


Our rent review service includes reminders of upcoming rent reviews and providing our clients with comparables. If the client wants to increase their rent, we offer strategic support, notification services for the tenants, and negotiation services. We conduct dispute resolution and negotiation on your behalf.
Facilities Management & Maintenance


Our commercial property management team will keep things running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. We respond promptly to queries from you and your tenants and can organise maintenance on your behalf. Our general services include handling inspection requests, insurance claims, building regulation consents, and oversight of your asset. 

Our London commercial property management team are there to facilitate regular inspections and maintenance without disruptions to your tenants utilising our team of qualified and trusted contractors.

Why choose Forest Real Estate?

We find that treating tenants well and showing that we care about their needs leads to wins for our clients. Good communication between you, tenants, and us mean that rent gets paid on time, issues are reported before they become substantial (and expensive) problems, and both parties can come to agreeable solutions quickly. 

We always work with a future-thinking mindset, whether it’s to optimise building output, minimise costs that come to you, and always use relevant technological tools to help with monitoring, reporting, and ease of access for tenants to make their payments. 

Our aim is to offer a seamless operation for your asset.